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    Ghana’s transport and economy depend on the Accra-Tema motorway, which connects the capital, Accra, to the industrial port city of Tema. The motorway has struggled to satisfy the needs of a quickly rising nation due to congestion, poor road conditions, and safety issues. To provide safe and efficient transit, Ghana’s economic growth and urbanisation necessitate fixing the Accra-Tema motorway.

    1. Fixing Traffic: The Accra-Tema motorway struggles with traffic, especially during peak hours. Traffic congestion has slowed travel and lowered productivity. Intelligent transportation technology, real-time traffic updates, and targeted infrastructure enhancements like lanes and interchanges are needed to reduce congestion. Dedicated bus lanes and mass transit networks can offer commuters alternatives and minimise road traffic.
    2. Rehabilitation and Maintenance: The motorway’s potholes, cracks, and uneven surfaces endanger drivers. Prioritise maintenance and rehabilitation. The road needs frequent inspections and quick repairs. High-quality materials and innovative construction methods can increase the motorway’s lifespan and reduce repairs.
    3. Road Safety Enhancements: Driver and pedestrian safety is crucial. Signage, lighting, and pedestrian crossings can reduce accidents and fatalities. Driver and pedestrian education can also make motorway travel safer.
    4. Consider the Accra-Tema motorway’s environmental impact. Encouraging eco-friendly automobiles and sustainable practises like adding green spaces to the motorway can improve road aesthetics and environmental conservation.
    5. Public-Private Partnerships: PPPs can help the motorway overcome its complicated issues. Private firms can provide experience, finance, and new ideas to speed up and improve projects. PPPs allow long-term motorway administration and maintenance, assuring its success.
    6. Future extension and Development: As Ghana’s economy and people grow, planning for the Accra-Tema motorway’s extension and development becomes vital. Comprehensive studies to determine long-term capacity requirements and expansion routes can help the road remain viable and relevant.

    Conclusion: Ghana’s economic prosperity depends on improving the Accra-Tema motorway. Traffic congestion, rehabilitation and maintenance, road safety, environmental implications, and public-private partnerships are essential to motorway efficiency and safety. Ghana should immediately upgrade the Accra-Tema motorway to satisfy 21st-century transport needs with a thorough and coordinated approach.


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